House of Joy Hoofddorp

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We are a group of Christians from the following churches in Hoofddorp:

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Our activities

Find out more about our activities in our blog.


Our vision

We want to offer migrants in Hoofddorp a “home away from home”. A cup of tea, a warm word, someone who pays attention to you. As God’s family is made up of many cultures, we hope to have a place where this  flourishes. A place where everybody feels welcome and where we help and encourage each other. A place of joy and peace, as Jesus Christ has taught us. At the same time, we have and encourage one-on-one contacts. Over time, we also want to start other activities, for example an alpha course, where we can grow in faith together. We respect each other's religions. Fortunately, we see that both muslims and christians feel at home with us.


Our logo

Our logo has three different skin colours. Together they are united as the roof of House of Joy. The top of the roof points upwards to God.