It is our plan to organise a weekly walk-in and meal for migrants in Hoofddorp. We hope that everybody feels welcome to these meals, regardless cultural or religious background. During these meals, we listen to each other, appreciate each other, and discover what we can do for each other. As we are in the process of starting up, we hope to be able to give you some more information very soon.

In between the meals, we hope to meet each other in several different ways. This could be in small groups people with the same interest, like gardening, making music, learning each other’s language, an activity with children; it could be anything! But also just meeting each other at home and if necessary helping each other. As mentioned before, we are starting up, so we will see what is needed and what we can do.

House of Joy is organised by a group of Christians from several churches in Hoofddorp. We hope to be able to organise some activities for those who are interested to learn more about what we believe as a Christians.